Socially Responsible Value Creation


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Conférence en anglais de sensibilisation à l'intention de cadres supérieurs.
Résumé: "Corporate Social Responsibility has been trending already since the 1990s, yet in many ways remains an elusive goal. Over the years, corporations have gradually, but undisputedly, embraced and operationalised the concept. Nonetheless, they continue to be confronted with the dual challenge of contested legitimacy in the socioeconomic sphere and of reconciling monetary and social value creation. This is an old struggle, made more acute by globalisation. Business must not only reassert and demonstrate its social usefulness time and again, but must to some extent reinvent itself to generate value for the community above and beyond its traditional economic role. Various compelling frameworks and methods have been proposed over the years for analysis and action, but individual examples of failure and success remain perhaps the best guide to what is advisable and achievable."

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